Working on Purpose

Working on Purpose – An Introduction

The Quest for Purpose

Whether or not we acknowledge it to ourselves, each of us is in a quest to find a significant purpose for our lives and then fulfill that purpose.  We ask ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, questions like:  “Am I doing all I can and should be with my life? Am I called to do something bigger and more meaningful?  Am I getting anywhere? Am I wasting my talents and my time?  What work and activities should I be doing so that I’m excited about life again?  What is my purpose?”

Looking Deeper

In the three part book “Working on Purpose”, we discuss the importance of stepping back from our busy schedules to take a deeper look into our life’s purpose. If you haven’t identified what you feel is the purpose of your life, you aren’t alone.  Many say they believe life has a purpose—and even quietly feel God has a specific purpose for their lives. They quickly add, however, that they can’t seem to find that purpose.

Are you filling up your time with routines and activities that keep you busy but get you no closer to deciding what your life is all about?   What would really get you excited about starting each new day?  By thoughtfully evaluating what you are doing with your time, you may see what is most important to you.  You may also come to understand that if you are devoting a lot of time to certain endeavors, this may tell you a lot about your goals – both conscious and subconscious.

By understanding your goals, and contemplating whether a big picture appears as you look at your goals, you may catch a glimpse of your purpose. From there, the exercises in this book may prove useful for better defining your goals and time management so as to more intentionally realize your purpose and accomplish your purpose.

How This Book is Organized

The book is divided into three distinct parts and can be used for a three part course.  Free videos are available here that support the course material.

  • Part 1 explores how you can most efficiently plan and use your time and effort to get the greatest results with the least amount of effort and stress.  It is based on strategies for accomplishing the daily mission and goals you set out to achieve.  There is an emphasis on focusing on your individual, unique abilities.  You will learn how to apply an entrepreneurial time management approach, together with creative use of the 80/20 Rule.  A “To Do” list system of prioritizing and managing activities and time is presented.  A set of exercises is included at the end of the book to help you analyze how you are currently using your time and what you might change.
  • Part 2 addresses the practical aspects of setting and achieving goals.  This section reviews the importance of setting goals that are specific and detailed, and both long-term and short-term.  A series of exercises is provided at the conclusion of the book to take you through the goal-setting process.  This will get you on track to meet your full potential for a future of great possibilities.
  • Part 3 discusses the importance of stepping back from your busy schedule to take a deeper look into your life’s purpose.  You will explore practical ways to find your individual purpose. You are encouraged to write a three-year mission statement to focus your principal goals.  Exercises at the end of the book will help you create a mission statement to help achieve your purpose.

The book is followed by written exercises you can do independently to help you analyze your use of time, set goals, and establish your purpose and mission.  You will get the most out of this book if you will work through the exercises for each part of the book before moving on to the next part.